National Council of Women Victoria


From President, Ronniet Milliken:
Founded 1902 ~ Celebrating 120 years in 2022

As 2022 was the 120th Anniversary of NCWV, we focussed on pioneer women who established Victorian women organisations and who have continued these organisations up until today at our Pioneer Women’s Ceremony on January 30, 2023. See February newsletter

Our 2022 Annual Luncheon celebrated the 120th Anniversary of NCWV at the Lyceum Club, November 25, acknowledging all presidents from 1902. The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, our Patron, spoke on making prominent women more visible in the City. See December newsletter.

Can the mind set in our community be changed so that EQUALITY for all is accepted as the BASE CASE - not something to aspire toward in 300 years! The strategy could be to end harassment and discrimination by the end of the decade. In 2024 the Australia Equal Opportunity legislation enacted in 1984 will have been in place for 40 years. And the Racial Discrimination legislation will have been in place 50 years in 2025. Other legislation, codes etc followed to set the standard for other demographics, and other perpetrators of discrimination and harassment.

Should the various Human Rights/Equal Opportunity/Racial Discrimination/Consumer Affairs and Trade Practices Commissions, WorkSafe, and WGEA actively take the EQUALITY and RESPECT message into the community – that this is the BASE case – not a ‘nice to have’. A change of approach is required to increase awareness and prevention. It is not a matter of improving websites for the community to find and expecting small and medium businesses to take up expensive eLearning. What if our leaders and these public institutions ramp up awareness and advocacy? Might that reduce the incidence of harassment and discrimination? As a non-party political organisation, it was inspiring to hear from Senator Judith Troeth about what can be achieved by women leading our nation together across political party lines to achieve change. See April newsletter.

Since August 2022, we have been looking FORWARD - focusing on girls and young women who are the state and nation’s future – including:

  • gendered stereotypes in children’s literature;

  • Girl Guides Victoria developing curious and courageous young women leaders;

  • My Vote My Voice: students thoughts on the role of Treaty in achieving Reconciliation

  • Trades Women Australia encouraging girls/women to take up non-traditional trades.

  • PLAN International Australia, about youth action on projects to make girls/women safer

  • Law and Advocacy Centre for Women spoke about Smart Justice for Women and Smart Justice for Youth. See May newsletter

  • In June we heard about the Youth Live4Life program from Pauline Neil a dedicated professional with over 30 years of experience in mental health and suicide prevention. Pauline quoted data, including that 75% of people with mental health issues had their first episode in their adolescence. It is also the leading cause of death in Australian young people. See June newsletter.

  • My Vote My Voice: What are the barriers to Human Rights in Australia? How can these be overcome? See Blog and June newsletter

We look forward to you joining us at the Council Meeting in person or by ZOOM.

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Membership means you can

  • Meet others interested having a voice in women’s issues at local, state, federal and international levels

  • Build your leadership and community advancement skills by participating in the running of our incorporated association

  • Participate in the voting process at the Annual General Meeting

  • Share your knowledge, skills & experience as a volunteer, speaker or mentor

  • Enjoy member benefits, including newsletters, reports and special event rates  

  • Contribute financially to support our Civics and Citizenship program including the annual My Vote My Voice student event at the Parliament of Victoria

Mission Statement

National Council of Women of Victoria, NCWV, is a non-party-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit, umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives. It seeks to raise the awareness of women as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages their participation in all aspects of community life.


Work for the empowerment of women and families and to promote equal status for women in law and fact.
Develop policies and responses on behalf of women on a state-wide basis.
Act as a voice on issues and concerns of women at state and regional levels.
Link with the women of Australia and the International Council of Women through the National Council of Women of Australia and contribute to the implementation of their plans of action and policies.


NCWV has adopted the International Council of Women (ICW-CIF) Theme:“Transforming Society through the Empowerment of Women”

Who’s under our Umbrella?

National Council of Women of Victoria membership comprises organisations (affiliates), eligible organizations of women or men and women, and individual members approved by the Council.

>> List of organisations (affiliates)

NCWV Office Bearers and Committee 2022 - 2023

>> 2021-2022 NCWvic Annual Report

NCWV AGM was held 1 September with the following people elected to Committee


Ronniet Milliken

Vice President A

Elida Brereton

Vice President B


Hon. Secretary / Public Officer

Tracey Ahern


Helen Nguyen

State Coordinator of Standing Committees

Dr Deborah Towns OAM

Ordinary Members of Committee (5 places)

June Anderson
Pam Hammond
Hean Bee Wee AM
Helen Bruckner
Deanne Batista
Robyn Byrne OAM

Individual Members Representative

Elisabeth Newman AM

Regional Branch Representative

Alexandra Jeffrey, Geelong Branch President


Robyn Byrne, June Anderson, Deanne Baptista, Helen Bruchner, Deb Towns, Elida Brereton, Elisabeth Newman, Hean Bee Wee, Pam Hammond, Vicki Ward MP, Cindy McLeish MP, Ronniet Milliken. (missing Alexandra Jeffrey; Helen Nguyen; Tracey Ahern).