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58th NCWV Australia Day Pioneer Women’s Ceremony:

This event on Monday 21st January in the Women’s Peace Garden Kensington, was a great success with 55 members and friends attending including Paul Webster Chairman of the Australia Day Council Vic and Norman Kennedy past Chair. Girl Guides Victoria provided the Colour Party.

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, the Right Honourable Sally Capp, guest of honour, was the speaker. She focussed on women who have been ‘first’, particularly in State and local government, including Joan Kirner and Lady Millie Peacock - the first woman elected to the Victorian Parliament, Leckie Ord and Winsome McCaughey, previous Lord Mayors and Patrons of NCWV. “These women campaigned publicly and paved the way for others through their example. These women broke through the hard, stony ground of politics to create the richer soil in which we are flourishing today. They had an enduring impact on Victorian public life. Their careers were often catalysts for reform and greater respect for women’s intellects and achievements. Times didn’t just change – they helped change the times.”

Sally also stated the need for women to stand up and take on leadership roles at all levels within their organisations and communities and support those willing to have a go. “Through this we will see a manifest change in how we shape our communities going forward.” She also acknowledged Barbara Abley, AM, who was the first female mayor of the City of Geelong in 2002 and Gracia Baylor, AM, who was one of the first two women elected to the Victorian Legislative Council in 1979. This was after she became Healesville Shire Council president in 1977 – the first female shire president in Victoria.

“The roll call of pioneering women is a proud one for Victoria, in so many fields, and I take heart from the achievements of women in our past, and the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead of us. Today is also about looking to the future and anticipating the wonderful achievements of coming generations of women.”

Janet Park, Paul Webster, Sally Capp, Elisabeth Newman   NCWV Executive with Sally Capp

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Mission Statement

National Council of Women of Victoria, NCWV, is a non-party-political, non-sectarian, not-for-profit, umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives. It seeks to raise the awareness of women as to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and encourages their participation in all aspects of community life.


Work for the empowerment of women and families and to promote equal status for women in law and fact.
Develop policies and responses on behalf of women on a state-wide basis.
Act as a voice on issues and concerns of women at state and regional levels.
Link with the women of Australia and the International Council of Women through the National Council of Women of Australia and contribute to the implementation of their plans of action and policies.


NCWV has adopted the International Council of Women (ICW-CIF) Theme:“Transforming Society through the Empowerment of Women”

Who’s under our Umbrella?

National Council of Women of Victoria membership comprises organisations (affiliates), eligible organizations of women or men and women, and individual members approved by the Council.

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NCWV Office Bearers and Committee 2018-19


Elisabeth Newman

Vice President A

Freda Kaufman

Vice President B

Janet Park

Hon. Secretary / Public Officer

Pam Hammond


Hean Bee Wee AM

State Coordinator of Standing Committees


Individual Members Group Convenor

Eleanor Holden

Ordinary Members of Executive (5 places)

Elida Brereton
Diya John

Geelong Branch President

Janice Latham