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My Vote My Voice: Diversity in Community Organisations

NCWV’s My Vote My Voice Friday 31 August was held in the Legislative Council Chamber, Parliament of Victoria, with the 2018 theme: Diversity in Community Organisations. There were 64 students from 13 schools, with 25 making three-minute presentations. The League of Women Voters of Victoria (LWVV) again funded student catering, for which we thank them. Schools attending were: Al Siraat College, Epping; Lowther Hall Girls; Fintona Girls; Geelong College; Oberon HS, Geelong; MLC; Mullauna Sec College, Nunawading; Ivanhoe Girls; Westall Sec College; Melbourne Girls College, Richmond; St Monica’s, Epping; University HS. Ms Tina Hosseini, Chair of Red Cross Youth Advisory Commission, addressed us in the Queen’s Hall. She was a past My Vote My Voice keynote speaker when she was Youth Commissioner for the Multicultural Commission. Ms Penny Scott, Adviser Workforce Branch Victorian Public Sector Commission spoke on her experiences as a Wiradjuri woman, researcher, and employment lawyer focused on workplace diversity. Both speakers provided insights into Diversity in Organisations through their own experiences. Student speakers presented on the theme using a variety of contexts – all extremely well! Evaluations were completed by panel members: Hon Samantha Dunn MLC; Barbara Abley AM, Geelong’s first woman mayor; Cr Cuc Lam, Mayor of Maribyrnong; with Dr Deborah Towns as Adjudicator. Deciding awards will be a very difficult task!

In Queen’s Hall – what diversity!

Fintona Girls School

Oberon HS


Westall Sec College

Tina Hosseini & Diya John with Al Seraat speakers

The May Forum, “Families: Support for Children”, held on May 3rd 2018, was well attended by NCWV members. This was chaired by May Hu JP OAM, Coordinator NCWV Standing Committee, and moderated by Elida Brereton, Executive NCWV and Board member of the Hornbrook Academy. Anne McLeish OAM, CEO Grandparents/Kindship Carers Victoria spoke on ‘Family Rights’ saying it’s important that grandparents have their voices heard and that in Victoria there is insufficient representation for children. Dr Allison Cox, Berry St Director of Take 2 Program, which provides therapeutic services for traumatised children to achieve physical and emotional safety for them via work on attachment. In 2015/16 in Aus. there were 13,000 children in out of home care. Liana Buchanan, Principal Commissioner for Children and Young People spoke on ‘Human Rights in the home: Children’s rights to safety, care and protection’. She has an oversight to children’s services, including enquiries about individual children and systemic issues. There is a huge underestimation of danger to children in family violence. Anne recommended a statewide symposium, with relevant politicians and organisations included to come up with positive recommendations. This will be linked to other NCWV Respect projects such as Troubled Youth.

Full report by Terri Dry click here

Anne McLeish OAM, Dr Allison Cox, Liana Buchanan

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Strategic planning advice obtained by NCWV from Deakin University and the pink paper exercise from early 2013 confirmed the urgent need for National Council of Women of Victoria to bridge the generation gap by embracing the new social media and to find ways of involving younger women in its work.

In order to create a framework to engage younger women, we looked for an opportunity to have some young women to take on a task that could be successfully accomplished within a given time frame.

The idea is to get the under 30s to facilitate the involvement of the secondary students in the NCWV project ‘My Vote, My Voice’ linked to the Victorian Electoral Commission Passport to Democracy program.

We have been trying to involve younger women through one or another of our affiliate or partner organisations working under the supervision of an experienced NCWV member.

Thanks to some great work by the younger women with whom we already have contact, we now have a social media set up for YoungNCWVIC. This will help their work with us on projects like the My Vote, My Voice students event at the Parliament of Victoria each year.

The Gmail address is and a blog has been created at the youngncwvic Wordpress page linked with with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Hootsuite links. Tumblr is a way of enabling students to post photographs of themselves working on the presentations they will bring to the Parliament if they choose to speak at our annual event and thus helps build momentum for engagement in the project, as well as act as a base set of information about the progress of the project.

For more information on this year's My Vote, My Voice event click here

Instilling Respect For Women Starts From The Ground Up!

Women have rights and responsibilities.
All women are deserving of respect.

The NCWV has produced this brochure to raise awareness among affiliates, organisations and individuals about women’s rights and responsibilities. Please feel free to print the brochure and use it as a starting point for raising awareness and discussion in your organisation or with others who may find it useful.

>> Click here to download the brochure.