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NCWV Heart Health flyer highlights the differences between female and male heart health. This was developed as NCWV wishes to increase women’s awareness of heart health to prevent women dying before they reach hospital. There needs to be more awareness of the warning signs of heart attack, 50% only have chest pain. For women it can be back or jaw pain or feeling rather odd. Freda Kaufman, NCWV Health Adviser, who has developed the flyer in conjunction with Jean Hailes and the Heart Foundation, wishes NCWV delegates and others to be heart care ambassadors and distribute flyers to their organisations, communities and medicos.

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National Council of Women of Victoria Inc.

This brochure provides information on NCWV’s history, Purposes, Structure, Goals, Current issues, Membership information and Meeting schedule, also contact details.

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Women have rights and responsibilities. All women are deserving of respect.

National Council of Women of Victoria has produced a RESPECT as a contribution to the campaign to reduce violence across the community. Please feel free to print the brochure and use it as a starting point for raising awareness on these matters.

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NCWV Reports: Annual Report

Annual Report

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A Cultural Indulgence

When food and culture meet, women come to the fore!

When food and culture clash, National Council of Women of Victoria comes to the rescue!

The NCWV publication ‘a cultural indulgence’ transcends the cultural diversity that makes up modern day Victorian and Australian communities.

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“A Woman’s Place ... in Local Government”
Goulburn Valley Branch, National Council of Women of Victoria

Produced to celebrate the 2010 Year of Women in Local Government, the book profiles 14 female councillors and one Town Clerk who serve or served in local government in Shepparton and District.